Un ancien compagnon de Manzorian, le magicien Balakarde a mené au cours des dernières années des recherches extensives, sinon obsédées, sur Kyuss.

Il se serait rendu à Kuluth-Mar, ancienne cité perdu, enfouie dans les jungles de Q’Barra.

Il est disparue depuis quelque temps.

«When Balakarde learned Kuluth-Mar was the likely location of Kyuss’ divine apotheosis, he could barely restrain himself. I cautioned him against going to investigate the ruins. One does not simply teleport into an unknown region without doing some research. Yet Balakarde wouldn’t listen. He left immediately, returning two weeks later with a wild look in his eye. He wouldn’t say much of what he’d found there, and before he moved on he asked me to hold on to some of his notes. He promised to return later and tell me more, but that time was short and he had to head north to follow a new lead. He vanished without a trace not long thereafter. I intended to try to track him down, but unfortunately, other events conspired to take my attention away. I suspect he is dead now. Or worse.»

- Manzorian


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